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Advancing and Accelerating
Our Portfolio

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Advanced Prototyping and Experimentation (APEx) Consortium

APEx will advance and accelerate emerging technologies and capabilities delivered at the speed of relevance. APEx will address critical national security vulnerabilities focusing specifically on Kinetic Capabilities (e.g., Hypersonics), Energy Storage and Batteries, and Microelectronics. APEx will also address urgent capability gaps related to Critical Chemicals and Minerals, Unmanned Systems (UxS), Rare Earth Elements (REE), Critical Materials, Emerging Technologies, and Space.

Stay tuned. More information to follow soon.

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Assessment Academy

OUSD(R&E) Prototypes and Experimentation

JETX designed the course curriculum and contet for the first ever Assessment Academy for OUSD(R&E) Prototypes and Experimentation. JETconducted the first course, ASMT 101 - Assessment Fundamentals, in October 2023 covering topics to include, but not limited to the Role of Assessment, Identifying Assessment Requirements, Assessment Processes, and Assessment Reporting. Click the button below to view the course presentation.

Test and Assessment

OUSD(R&E) Prototypes and Experimentation

JETX is the architect behind OUSD(R&E) Prototype and Experimentation's Test and Assessment processes and methodologies. JETX conducted assessments of emerging and enabling technologies for OUSD(R&E) starting in January 2023 to include the first Technology Readiness Experimentation (T-REX) events. Test and assessment artifacts generated by JETsupported critical acqisition management decisions supporting the DOD's Rapid Defense Experimentation Reserve (RDER) program. Click the button below to view our test and assessment capabilities brief.

T2L Test and Assessment Capabilities

Professional Services

Numerous Government and Private Industry Customers

JETX provides a wide array of professional management and assisted acquisition management support services to innovators seeking to advance and accelerate critical technologies and capabilities in the public and private sectors. If you are interested in learning more or seeking our support, contact us by clicking the button below.

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